Frontline Reception

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Who is this course for?

This course is aimed at receptionists, relief receptionists, telephone operators, and anyone who routinely deals with the public.


This course with all activities and exercises will take approximately 7 – 10 hours to complete.



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This online Short Course is aimed at all frontline staff, including receptionistsrelief receptionists and telephone operators, and is designed to up-skill receptionists and frontline personnel to be highly professional.

This online course contains three sections. An in-depth breakdown of each section is provided below:

– Introduction –

  • What we will cover in this course
  • How to use the learning platform
  • What to do if you have questions

– Section 1 –

Learning Unit 1: Attitude and Aptitude – Definitions of attitude and aptitude. Includes an online exercise.

Learning Unit 2: Understanding the Four Personality Types – Full explanation of each type (ETO, EPO, ITO, IPO)

Learning Unit 3: Identifying Your Own Personality Type – Includes a PDF Download, Online Personality Test, and a PDF Assignment Download.

Learning Unit 4: First Impressions Last – Exploring the importance of a good first impressions. Includes a self-analysis of the position of Frontline Receptionist.

– Section 2 –

Learning Unit 1: Body Language and Tonality – Includes short explanatory video on body language and tonality (Soft Skills with Shona). Also explores eye contact, posture, and angle of the body in relation to your audience. Concluded with an activity to review your own body language habits.

Learning Unit 2: Different Types of Listening – We explore the four main types of listening and end the unit off with a self-evaluation of your own preferred listening style.

Learning Unit 3: The Anatomy of the Phone Call – A thorough breakdown of the phone call, covering accepting the call, the greeting, the body, and the conclusion. We also provide an activity exploring professional vs. casual speech.

Learning Unit 4: Professional Acknowledgements – Includes a PDF download of the Phonetic Alphabet for use over the phone, as well as an activity to test your knowledge of the Phonetic Alphabet.

Learning Unit 5: Positive Speech – Various scenarios explored as well as certain things to avoid. Also includes a ZIP file download containing 11 audio tracks to help with your enunciation and professional speech – load it onto your phone and practice anywhere, any time!

Learning Unit 6: Confidence and Trust – How to present solutions using the TRUST principle, as well as how to properly take messages.

– Section 3 –

Learning Unit 1: You Are the “Director of First Impressions” – Includes a self-analysis

Learning Unit 2: You Are the Shop Window into Your Business – Includes a quick quiz on professionalism

– Outcome –

At the end of this workshop, the learner will have the necessary knowledge to provide a professional and complete “shop-window” for both personal and telephonic callers to a company. They will also be aware of their responsibility to their colleagues.

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    (verified owner)

    So happy with this workshop!
    A nice quick sum up of the most important aspects of being in a frontline position.
    This workshop has also taught me a lot about myself which I am able to use to better my attitude in the workplace.

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