150 hour TEFL Essentials Course


Is this course for you?

Meet employer requirements with this internationally recognised course.
Gain all the skills required to be a successful English teacher abroad.


This course with all activities and exercises will take approximately 150 hours to complete.


You don’t need to have any previous teaching experience before taking this course, and after graduation you’ll be able to apply for thousands  of TEFL jobs worldwide. This reputable course is your passport to a new career, teaching and travelling the globe.

Why TEFL Express?

Courses are designed and developed by experienced TEFL teaching professionals
Our qualifications are accredited by ACCREDITAT*
Our qualifications are recognized internationally by ESL employers for Job Placements
Our qualifications are accepted internationally by immigration authorities for Visa Applications
More than 20,000 people have graduated from our courses…

This online course contains five sections, each containing several Learning Units. An in-depth breakdown of each section is provided below:


Unit 1: An Introduction to Classroom Management
Unit 2: Before the Lesson: The Importance of Planning
Unit 3: Building the Foundations
Unit 4: During the Lesson: Lesson Delivery and Classroom Management
Unit 5: Know Your Students, and finally,
Unit 6: Troubleshooting: Final Tips and Strategies


Unit 1: Introduction to Teaching the four Skills
Unit 2: Teaching Reading
Unit 3: Teaching Writing
Unit 4: Teaching Listening
Unit 5: Teaching Speaking
Unit 6: Assessing the Different Skill


Unit 1: Introduction to Lexis
Unit 2: Lexis in the classroom
Unit 3: Introduction to Phonology
Unit 4: Phonology in speech
Unit 5: Phonology in the classroom


Unit 1: An introduction to Grammar
Unit 2: The Basics of English Grammar: word to sentence
Unit 3: The Basics of English Grammar: being more specific
Unit 4: What about teaching it?
Unit 5: The basics of English grammar: expressing more complex meanings
Unit 6: Grammar plus


Unit 1: Getting Started
Unit 2: Building a Plan
Unit 3: The Nuts and Bolts of Tasks
Unit 4: How did it go?
Unit 5: Planning Specialist Lessons
Unit 6: Review


Unit 1: Video Section: Inexperienced teacher with an elementary class
Unit 2: Video Section: More experienced teacher with a pre-intermediate class

Each course unit contains 4-8 bite-sized sections. The sections will be a mix of video tuition where you’re guided by the course presenter, classroom footage and interviews with teachers and learners, reading sections with diagrams, illustrations and tables for you to study.

At the end of each unit you’ll watch real classroom footage of our teachers and students in action. They’ll give you a flavour of what life in the classroom is really like and the best practices of how to teach the four skills.

After every section, there are practice activities to complete that will make sure you understand and are clear about what you’ve learnt. There are also downloads for every section including reflection and action tasks, further practice tasks and knowledge reference sheets that you should print out to build a fantastic bank of training and teacher materials by the end of your TEFL training.

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